We are Khaos Control specialists

Khaos Control is a back office system that enables multi-channel retailers to manage everything from purchasing through to customer service, all on a single system. (find out more about Khaos Control)

We’ve been helping Khaos Control’s clients 2009 and have achieved real business growth with a combination or sales, marketing and operational support.

Khaos Control consultancy

We offer:-

  • Project management
  • Business workflow optimisation
  • Advance training
  • System integration
  • Sales and marketing
  • Web development
  • and more

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Khaos Control - web development

Our extensive knowledge of Khaos Control combined with over 12 years high end web development and online marketing make us the perfect partners for any kind of Khaos related web development project. We specialise in the following technologies:-

  • OpenCart
  • OS Commerce
  • Magento
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Dijon

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Khaos Control & Dijon eCommerce

Dijon eCommerce is our very own ecommerce system. Built from the ground up for companies using Khaos Control, who are seeking seeking a flexible and fully featured e-commerce website.

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