Eloise Lingerie

Dijon e-commerce case study

Project requirements

  • Dijon e-commerce implementation
  • Khaos control consultancy
  • SEO consultancy


Replace Navision (Microsoft Dynamics) with Khaos Control. Manage implementation and integration and implement Dijon e-commerce eCommerce system

Khaos Control

  • Setting up hardware and infrastructure
  • Training staff
  • Implementing new work flows
  • Setting up templates – reports, stationary
  • Manage migrating of data between systems

New e-commerce system

Eloise requested the implementation of Dijon e-commerce, to power there website from Keystone software.

More information on Dijon e-commerce

Specific functionality

In addition to the standard functionality offered by Dijon, the project required bespoke development to included the following functionality:-

Catalogue requests

An integrated form that captures catalogue requests from customers and passes directly into the catalogue management system built into Khaos Control.  View request form

This feature is now part of Dijons core platform

Vat Relief Qualified transactions

Dijon includes functionality to ensure correct VAT rates and prices are applied to specific customers and products. However, mastectomy patients are eligible for VAT relief on some items, that other users are not. This scenario where specific VATs apply to products in special situations is very unusual. To enable this functionality we worked closely with the Keystone development team to implement a VAT relief qualified field in Khaos Control. This automatically syncs with the website so now the correct VAT and price is applied automatically for both web and offline orders.

This feature is now part of Dijons core platform.