Lovehair and the power of Google

Jo Irving set up Lovehair in 2006 to connect brides with top-end stylists. By 2008 Lovehair was the largest wedding hair company in the UK with over 50 stylists on their books and over 100 weddings attended each month. With no marketing other than focusing on achieving a high ranking in Google, this is a superb example of why Hot Mustard puts so much effort into SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

Now, in 2011, with over 600,000 page views per month, this site is visited by more brides than there are weddings in the UK.

This is what happens when small companies implement smart strategies that harness the power of search engines.

The brief

The plan was simple: build a website that will generate enquiries and use SEO to help Google send traffic to it.

This plan has since been enhanced to include social media marketing such as TwitterFacebook and YouTube, as well as the new shop.

What we did

We built on squarespace, giving Jo complete control over every part of the site without needing any technical training. We then worked to increase exposure in the search engines using a broad range of SEO techniques. In addition, we implemented a range of smart features to allow Jo to offer better customer service.

  • We built an automated quote generator to deal with the large number of enquiries.
  • Capsule, the online CRM system, was implemented to enable the admin team to log enquiries, sales and customers. This then syncs with the email system to ensure that all correspondence is tracked.
  • Key pages were monitored using Google Analytics and optimised to bring the bounce rate down to less than 1% and boost enquiry rate to over 2%. Very high considering the type of site.

Top Search engine rankings

Following our SEO work, Lovehair is now in the number #1 slot for 95% of the target search phrases.

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