Dijon eCommerce

An ecommerce platform for Khaos Control websites

Dijon e-commerce is a simple to use, fully featured web shop that integrates perfectly with Khaos Control. Since it’s launch in 2009 it has generated over £35 million in revenues for a variety of our SME clients, thanks to our focus on:-

  • Enable robust, flexible and scalable e-Commerce sites.
  • Increase sales conversion and average order value by applying current best practice
  • Increase traffic with smart search engine optimisation
  • Include a fully featured content management system, which links into products
  • Make it affordable for SMEs

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Powerful back office system

Running a profitable  e-Commerce business obviously requires good products, service and website, but the tricky part is often a slick back end system. This is essential to stay efficient, flexible, scalable and in control. We spent months reviewing leading ERP vendors before deciding to partner with Khaos Control. This powerful mail order management system from Keystone Software saves you time . Dijon has been designed from the ground up to work exclusively with Khaos Control, enabling your web site to work seamlessly and often update automatically, from your back office system. Khaos’s strength is that it will integrate accounts, stock management, purchasing, order fulfilment and customer + supplier management.

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Perfect for SMEs

The balance for many companies when choosing a new back office system or e-commerce platform is the common compromise between cost and functionality. One benefit of Khaos is that it is competitively priced for SMEs but offers enterprise level functionality. Dijon powers sites exceeding 450k monthly users and £12 million in annual revenues. This gives rich functionality in the short term and room for growth in the long.

Advance features include:-

  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Bar coding
  • Automated Seasonal forecasting and purchasing
  • Multiple price lists
  • Multiple customer type
  • Multiple currencies
  • Coupon codes and vouchers

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What does Dijon ecommerce do

We believe that Dijon is the best option for Khaos Control users, for 3 core reasons:-

1. Deep integration

Because the site is powered by Khaos Control; products, customers, sales orders, promotions, prices lists etc etc will automatically appear on the website. This means:

  • No duplicate entry of data
  • No manual importing or exporting
  • Real time orders, stock and customer information
  • No errors caused by the web being out of sync
  • No disappointed customers, seeing old information.

This removes the need  place, so no messy importing of orders or updating or stock levels.

  • Integrated payment system – refund web order from Khaos
  • Single customers database
  • Single price list
  • Fraud minimisation measure

2. Revenue boosting functionality

Dijon includes over 100 features, specifically designed to increase sales. E.g

  • Abandoned basket tracking – follow up customers who didn’t complete transaction
  • Search engine landing pages – utilising full content management system
  • Related products – powered by cross sell
  • Final offer pop-up on basket – increase average order value
  • Back order management – offer pre-orders on selected out-of-stock items
  • Simplified check out (post code look up, remember address)
  • Flag prices against promo
  • Optimise product pages
  • See more features

3. Time saving

It makes sense to spend time growing your business, not just running it. Dijon makes it very simple for Khaos Control users to manage the site by,

  • Remove duplication (products, customers, prices, offers are only created once – but appear on both Khaos and the web)
  • Bulk update of item properties
  • Integrated payment system – enable refund web order
  • Single customers database

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Our Service

Our aim is to give customer the tools they need to make transformational improvements to their e-commerce businesses.

As one of the few web agencies that offers Khaos Control consultancy, in addition to web development and software, we truly understand how to get the best out of a Khaos Control website.

This means our projects go smoother and our software is better than those offered by agencies who haven’t used Khaos Control themselves.

  • Bespoke web development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Internet marketing consultancy
  • Khaos and Dijon training
  • Khaos implementation consultancy

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Khaos Control

Khaos control is a MS Windows application that will run on a local network, or can be hosted on the cloud for access over the web. Keystone Software offers a feature rich web-service which gives Dijon deep access to the Khaos Control Database.

Dijon e-Commerce

Dijon is designed to runs on a Linux webserver and is built on PHP and MySQL. These robust and scalable web technologies are favoured by literally tens of millions of websites, enabling us to quickly build enhancements meeting specific requirements.