Dijon Feature List

Dijon is fully integrated with the Khaos Control backend, there are a wealth of options available to tweak each site to customise Dijon for each specific business setup.

Core Functionality

Product and Stock data

khaos control xmlDijon synchronises with all product data (stockcodes, prices, descriptions, size colour style variations, tax rates etc..) from Khaos Control. Product relationships are also imported to allow upselling a related product. All stock information such as product availability, run to zero, back order, and RRP help power various purchasing options on the website.

Product Categories and Multiple Websites

web category setupAll product categories are powered directly from Khaos Controls website builder keeping all the management for the website in one place. This gives you complete control of where and how products appear on each website, its possible to power multiple websites from a single version of Khaos Control letting you target new markets by launching new websites and having a central place to administer all your stock and customers.

Customer data

order detailsDijon is able to show live order history to users so they can track any order through the system without needing to contact the customer services team. Additionally from the website they can modify their details such as username and reset their password.

Image Management

image managerProvided with Dijon is an integrated image management system which acts as a central image store, whilst allowing quick integration with the website by utilising the image resize functionality. The system automatically matches images to products.
An image management interface allows administrators to control non-product images on the site. E.g. Home page and new article images.

Site Navigation

filter navigationThere are a number of tools to help users navigate a Dijon site including, site search,  browsing by web category and sub category and product filters which can be powered by size colour style profiles from Khaos Control or seperate filter groups also setup within Khaos.
Home page product grids are powered from Khaos Control linking users directly to products and can be used to power offer grids through out the website, this is great for getting users to your most popular products and is great for search engines, helping them discover the content that most describes your site.

Order management

order processingOrders are passed directly from the website into Khaos, automatically setting all relevant fields and presents the sales reference to customer directly after purchase to help simplify any customer relations. Each Dijon site can be configured with specific logic to set Khaos Control invoice priorities so you can streamline order management in Khaos Control’s sales invoice manager.
Dijon syncs with Khaos Control’s customer class to enable class specific functionality
E.g. Totally split customers in Khaos by website (this is better than using just Brand) and allows for customer specific pricelists.

Dijon allows the administrators to view and import any abandoned shopping baskets from the website this gives the admin team a simple way to process orders that failed to check out.
Dijon has extensive error handling, including a problem payment tools which enables orders which couldn’t be imported into Khaos to be resolved manually and imported.
Nightly automated email alerts are sent from the website to deal with:

  • order that fail to import into Khaos, and require manual modifications
  • orders that have comments. (Comments are captured in Khaos too, but having them in an email alert saves administrators from having to check comments on every sales order.)

Customer account management area allows customers to log in and;

  • View order status, based on sales invoice stage
  • View order history
  • re-order button to quickly adds items to basket
  • Manage newsletter subscriptions (sync with Mailchimp not Khaos)
  • Change email/password with direct sync with Khaos
  • Request lost password

Promotional Tools

social iconsDijon comes with Open Graph headers allowing full integration into Facebook if required. As each product has an “end point” you can share products on all the major social networks (Google Plus, Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter). Within Dijon its simple to add social media buttons linking to your brand pages. Dijon is also tightly integrated and syncs with MailChimp.

Items out of stock and not on back order are visible but not purchasable at this point the stock alert option is displayed. This captures name, email address, telephone number and email list subscription of customers who request a stock alert. Dijon then automatically emails customers a link to item and message when the product comes back into stock.

Dijon also ships with email contact forms, allowing customers to contact you directly from the website.

Check out

checkoutDijon comes with all the user checkout management tools you’d expect from a mature e-commerce system and are automatically synced with changed made in Khaos Control such as changing shipping areas and prices, upgrading couriers with weight and order value based logic. At checkout Dijon can display any upsell offers on products in the basket and offer a last chance offer on a specific sale item.

Khaos Control’s keycodes are directly synched to Dijon, allowing users to access promotions based on specific discount keycodes within Dijon we have created a mechanism to track these keycodes on and offline, enabling smart reporting to help keep close eye on any advertising spend.

We simplify the address entry using the industry standard postcode anywhere integration.


credit callDijon is fully integrated with Credit Call’s industry leading payment gateway, transactions tokens are passed into Khaos Control, giving a full audit trail and refund functionality directly within Khaos Control.
Additionally Dijon has an optional PayPal Express integration. Multi-currency is supported through either (or both) currency conversion or a custom currency pricelist allowing products to be priced to hit specific price points regardless of the exchange rate.

Product Pages

productsWe have smart ways to manage content for your products allowing you to create content which is applied to groups of products saving the need to retype the same content over and over.

Products pages show specific messages in different scenarios such as out of stock (show a stock request alert), when a product is available on back order (display expected due date), when available (show stock level up to a maximum then just show “lots in stock”). Sell price vs retail price is also displayed with automatic % off calculation.

All child products (different size, colour or style) are displayed on the same page, multiple images can be used per product with the ability to enlarge. Any related items are shown on the product page (based on upsell in Khaos).

A great benefit to users and search engines is the ability to tie content pages to products, this allows Dijon to create links on product pages to related content pages and relevant products on a content page. This helps boost search engine rankings and keeps users informed.

Dijon has bundle functionality to create and sell groups of items from one page, all setup in Khaos Control allowing you a simple a way to sell batches of products.

Search Engine Focused

analyticsDijon is focused on being search engine friendly, from its URL structure and page markup to providing meta data for specific search engines like Facebook and Google. In addition we help your business by providing Google shopping XML feed (categories managed with look up table) and Google Analytics Tracking which goes a step further by including ecommerce integration, capturing basket revenue and transactions within Google Analytics.

Keycode tracking

discountsDijon goes a step further than simple keycode and discounts. It can create landing pages for each keycode, displaying the products available for discount and it can even automatically set the keycode once the user lands on the page.

This allows you to setup directly in Khaos promotions and Dijon will build you landing pages ready for your customers to access from either a print advert, pay per click advert or anywhere you want to publish the link.

Dijon even has a mechanism to help you track online sales against offline mail order within Khaos Control, saving you time when planning any media spend.

Content management system

cms editingDijon comes with a fully featured CMS (content management system), allowing you to manage comments and product reviews. Site structure and pages can be authored in Dijon, along with tagging content to products and displaying specific sidebar widgets against specific products, Dijon also allows you to customise additional content on your product and category pages.

The HTML page templates at the heart of this system are flexible in the sense that the style sheet can be changed, and that widgets can be arranged within the core structure.

Additional Modules

To take your business and websites to an international audience Dijon also offers multi language versions of the site, including product description translations, multi-currency support and specific currency price lists to let you hit specific price points in a specific currency.